How to refill Brother TN-550, TN-580, TN-3170, TN-3130, TN-3100,

Brother HL-5240 - Remove the stopper

Brother TN-550, TN-580, TN-3170, TN-3130, TN-3100, HL-5240 Toner Refill


Brother TN-550, TN-580, TN-3170, TN-3130, TN-3100, HL-5240 Refill Instructions

To fill the cartridge, you must first dispose of the old toner powder in the cartridge.For this, please remove the cap carefully. You will need this later to safely close the cartridge again.

Now pour the residual toner powder situated in the cartridge into a bag. This is most important it is not good to mix toner together it will lead to copy quality problems.




Add Toner - Brother HL-5240


Once you have removed the old waste toner powder from the cartridge, you can now start with the actual topping up. Pour this the toner powder in the cartridge. In return, a so-called filling / up funnel is suitable, which can be screwed directly onto the toner bottle.

After you have filled the cartridge, seal it again with the previously removed cap.




Brother HL-5240 - Loosen two screws


Next, you must reset the security wheel.

You must remove first 2 screws.



Take down cover - Brother HL-5240


Remove the end cap from the cartridge. Then pull off the reset wheel taking care not to disturb the other gears.

It might be a good idea to take a photo of the rear of the toner cartridge as a reference.



Brother HL-5240 - note spring


Please make sure that you have the small spring which is located behind the reset wheel does not slip off and get lost.



Brother HL-5240 - Insert spring


If the spring has moved from its original place, please ensure that the spring is ready to return to the same position.



Brother HL-5240 - Insert reset lever


Now you put the reset wheel in the starting position. Please pay attention to the exact position of wheel and spring.



Insert side cover - Brother HL-5240


Now you put the cap back onto the brother toner cartridge and fasten the 2 screws.Make sure the reset wheel is in the same position as shown, the cartridge is ready for use and can be used in the printer again.



After two or three refills it can happen that the photoconductor drum your cartridge begins stripe or print a gray film. In this case, it is consumed. To replace the photoconductor drum / drum, you need to disassemble the cartridge.

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